Keith Gabriel

keithName: Keith Gabriel
Role at the Club: Head Coach for the Senior Carded Classes
Bio: Since moving to Crawley from Liverpool, I've represented Crawley Boxing Club as a boxer and coach for a combined 25 years. I work with all of the Senior carded boxers, aged from 18 through to 40 years old. With the other coaches I prepare the active competitive boxers. My own boxing career ended through injury and while I did not fulfil my potential, I felt I still had a lot to offer the sport and so became a coach. My wish is for every Crawley boxer to be competitive regardless of how gifted they may or may not be. Ideally they will progress to championship level. Many have and currently do, but the important thing is that they improve, perform to the best of their ability and represent themselves and the club in the best possible manner during their time at the club. Ultimately, I want to see Crawley Boxing Club be the most successful club in the Southern Counties and England.
Awards/achievements at Crawley:
Club Captain
Best Senior Boxer
Most Improved Senior Boxer
Represented Sussex, Kent, Surrey & Southern Counties against national and international squads. SC Semi finalist.
Full ABAE Coach.
Judges course passed.


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