Traci Thorne

traciMy name is Traci Thorne and for my sins I’m the only female boxing coach for Crawley.

I train the 11-16 years carded and UN carded novices on a Monday Wednesday and Friday evening between 5-6.30pm.

After deciding I wanted to learn to box a few years ago and became so obsessed by my boxing I decided to go for my coaching badges.

After completing 2 years in another gym as a trainer, I took my first badge giving me the level 1badge as Assistant coach in 2010.

A year later I took my level 2 in 2011 giving me the Full Coaching Certificate.

I also completed a Boxing Non Contact Tutor Awards Certificate in 2011 which enables me to work in any school the country.

I also hold the following:

I hold a level 2 gym instruction certificate

Advanced Kettle weight Instructor

Insanity Instructor

During the day I still have a full time job in recruitment!

Love training the boys at Crawley club and I get a real sense of pride and achievement as I see them progress to the next level. It’s good to put something back into the community and keeps me very grounded!

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